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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there drop in rates?

No, unfortunately.  For everyone get the fullest benefit of the course, there are no drop-ins.  You must sign up for the entire six-week course.  The classes build upon one another; and concepts are very difficult to grasp if a student drops in for only a class or two.  Choreography pieces are often taught; and to learn the full dance, you will need the entire six weeks.

What is the latest that someone can register for and join a class?

Students who pre-register save $10 on the price of the course; so you are strongly encouraged to do so.  You may, however, pay on the first day of class or join the class up until the 2nd week of the course.  After the 2nd week/class, you will have to wait until the next six-week session begins to join.

What if I pay for the class and determine it is not for me?

For this reason, we have a policy that allows you to receive a partial refund after you participate in the first day of class if you determine it is not for you.  You will receive all but $15 of your registration fee (which covers your participation in the first day of class).  You also have the option of just paying the $15 fee of the first day of class and if you decide to do the rest of the course; you can pay the remaining course fee.  There will not be any refunds after the first day of class.  No exceptions.

Can I pay a reduce rate if I know I will only make it to some of the classes during the six week course?

No.  You are paying for participation in a course, not for individual classes.  Whether you attend all of the classes within the course or not, you still pay the full registration fee.

Is belly dance safe if I have a medical/physical condition?

As I am not a doctor, I strongly encourage you to get your doctor's permission before participating in class if you have a physical or health condition.  Belly dance can be very physically taxing on your body and it requires a great deal of stamina, flexibility and strength.

What do I wear to class?

You should wear comfortable, work-out type clothing.  Loose fitting or stretchy garments are recommended.  You may also wear class-appropriate belly dance garments and accessories if you have them.  I recommend that everyone wear shoes (I will show and discuss the appropriate types of footwear in the first class).  I also encourage all students to purchase and bring a belly dance coin sash to wear during class.  If you have questions about what these are, we will also have samples of on the first day of class (and some to purchase if you would like to do so).

What time should I arrive to the studio?

You should plan on arriving to the studio 5 minutes or so before the start of class.  In case the studio is being used in a class preceding ours, you can change in the restrooms located outside the studio floor/space.  However, it is best to come to class already dressed so that we can get started promptly at the class start time.  If you are registering and paying for the first time, please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time during the first two weeks.  I will be at the studio 15 minutes prior to class and we can get you registered before entering the studio floor.  *Please print a Registration form and have that filled out before arriving at the studio.

Will I need other items for class?

For some courses, we will incorporate the use of props- veil, zills, cane, or sword.  If you are in the Intermediate class, you should have all of theses items at home and ready to be brought to class if I request you to do so.  You should probably just keep zills in your dance bag as those will be used frequently.  If I am teaching a choreography or technique involving any of the other props, I will notify students in advance.  If you are a Beginner student, you also should purchase zills (also called finger cymbals or zagats).  If you have questions about where to purchase them, please let me know.  Likewise, if I am teaching a choreography utilizing any other prop, you will be notified in advance.

Will I get music to take home for practice?

If you are learning a choreography piece, I will provide copies of the music for purchase in class.

What is the difference between the Beginner and Intermediate Class and how do I know what is right for me?

The Beginner course is designed for students with little or no belly dance experience.  The Intermediate/Advanced class is for those who have taken belly dance classes before and are comfortably proficient in basic belly dance technique.  The Intermediate/Advanced class will move at a quicker pace and will focus on more complicated belly dance techniques and choreography including lots of layering of moves and traveling.  The Intermediate class will also use props more frequently and dancers should have a basic knowledge on how to use the props.  If you still have questions about which class may be best for you, you can contact Samora directly.

Can I bring visitors or my children to class?

No, sorry.  Only registered students allowed in class.  No exceptions.